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Personalized fitness programming built for you. 

And only you. 


The Deep Algorithm

01 / FAST

You tell us your goals, what equipment you have, how much time you have, your ability level, everything we need to build your custom program.


Deep will build your personalized programming in seconds and deliver it to you via our app, available on iOS and Android.


Developed by coaches with years of experience, the Deep Algorithm produces intelligently designed, devastatingly effective workouts built for YOUR long-term success.


Deep was developed to make top-tier, personalized programming accessible to everyone.  If you have a smartphone, Deep can provide fully custom programming for only $9.99/month. 


And as you evolve, Deep evolves with you.  Want to switch up your goals, got some new equipment, suddenly have less (or more!) time to workout?  Just change your settings, and Deep will instantly adjust your programming.


Meet Deep


Aaron started his journey to Deep Athletics way back in 2001 when he began training in Olympic Weightlifting in middle school. After a few national championships, a master's degree, and a lot of time spent as a coach, he found his way to Dave.

Dave started his journey to Deep when he picked up a few degrees at the University of Maryland. After years working in the aerospace industry building algorithms and computer simulations, and down-time biking, skiing, and working out, he found Aaron coaching at  his local gym.


Aaron and Dave started Deep Athletics with the vision of creating an algorithm that could deliver personalized fitness programs that could have been written by top coaches, but at a fraction of the cost of hiring those coaches.  


Deep takes in your basic statistics like height, weight, and age. It asks how much time you have to workout, what your ability level is, and most important, what your goal is.  It takes an inventory of your equipment and injuries and then gets to work.  


Less than 30 seconds later, you'll have a custom program built just for you. Your friend from work?  They'll get their own custom program, built for them.  You aren't the same person, why should you always do the same workouts?  It's time to stop being a regular worker-outer and realize your athlete-ness. Let us help.


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