Why Deep?

You want to workout.  Awesome.  But you don’t want to try and figure out what to do every day - you already have a job!  You could randomly search the web for workouts, but that seems a bit … random.  You could try a service, but you don’t have the same equipment they use, or the same goals.  You could pay someone to write personal programming for you but, wait, that costs how much??!!??


Enter Deep.  


At Deep, we’ve spent the last 3 years taking the process of writing fitness programming and translating that into something a computer can do.  You’re not still doing your taxes by hand with a pencil and calculator are you?  Probably not.  But that’s how virtually every coach is still writing their programming.  By hand. 


Every coach works from a set of fundamental principles that will help their athletes towards their personal goals.  A good program will take into account your goals, your abilities, your schedule, and your equipment.  Deep does all of this.  And by automating the process, Deep makes personalized fitness programming affordable for everyone.  

About Us

Aaron Adams is a former US record holder in Olympic weightlifting.  Since retiring from competitive lifting, Aaron has spent the last 10 years coaching and programming for both elite athletes and everyday folks. Don't let his size and retired status fool you - even at 135 lbs, he can still lift more than nearly everyone at whatever gym he drops in to.

Dave Erickson has 15+ years expertise in modeling and simulation in the aerospace industry.  When a then-dreadlocked Aaron started coaching Olympic lifting at the CrossFit gym Dave had just started at, Dave wasn't sure what to think but figured he'd do Oly lifting for a few months "to get good."  9 years later, he's still not good at lifting, but he knows more about fitness programming than he ever expected to.