Frequently asked questions

How will i recieve my program?


What if something changes? Like I get new equipment or change gyms?


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Can I change some of the inputs once I start?


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Frequently asked questions

When can I expect to recieve my Program?

Every Saturday night at 7pm EST.

What if something changes? Like I got a new piece of equipment.

We are working to make this a more seamless process. Please look out for this feature in the near future.

How can a computer program know what I need?

Well, complex and simple answer all in one. A human brain is often likened to a computer. Typically, what a coach does when first meeting a client is to go over goals and limitations (focus, skill level). Then based on that they start to formulate what you as an athlete will need and start to write a program. This is exactly what Deep does without the bias and human error.

What kind of workouts should I expect?

This entirely depends on what inputs you select. All workouts should take an hour or less including stetching and warm-ups. No two workouts will ever be the same and will change depending on your personal parameters.

In what format will my program be sent to me?

Your program will be sent to whatever email you have listed as a pdf.

What if I want to add multiple users? Like me and my daughter?

Your programs can be tied to one email and whatever name you give us will be used for that program. So you can subscribe two users tied to one email.

Will we have some program to record weights and times of workouts in future?

That's definitely something we plan to incorporate in the future. Right now in addition to rolling out the actual programming portion of this, we're moving towards our next step which is building a website where you can log in and generate your program directly and within seconds, rather than the email delivery method we're using now.

When do u recommend a rest day?

Since everyone's schedules are different, and may change on a weekly basis, we purposely do not insert planned rest days. Generally two rest days/week is appropriate for most, separated by a few days (so, try not to use Sat & Sun as your rest days!). One point I would make is, whatever you choose as your rest day(s) for the week, just skip that day's listed workout, rather than shuffling them around. When your program is built, it takes into account the movements that are already programmed before and/or after a given day. If you shift days around, you're likely to partially undo that aspect of the programming.

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