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One day I got tired of writing athletic program after program and noticed myself getting stuck in "ruts," programming the same types of things week after week. After doing so many programs, it got to be overwhelming and I thought I might be doing a less than spectacular job. I boiled my approach down to the most researched backed methods and contacted Dave. Since then we have developed Deep to help coaches, athletes and normal folks. With Deep, anyone who wants to be or stay fit can have a dependable, useful athletic program  customized for them. 


Deep Creators

Aaron Adams

Former USA Weightlifting record holder and 3x National Weightlifting champion. He's pretty small. Has two great kids. Partner is cool af. He likes throwing frisbees through woods.

David Erickson

15 years in aerospace engineering. He's really smart, bikes far through woods, and skis fast down very steep mountains. He lifted weights before, and still does. Loves the prowler. He is also single , just sayin'.

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